Cost Share Programs

Sprayer Calibration

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We can help you calibrate your personal spray equipment to ensure that you are applying chemicals at correct rates and complying with product labels. It is imperative to apply the proper rate of a pesticide so as to: ensure efficacy on target pest, not waste expensive pesticides, or do unnecessary harm to the environment.

Or try our calibration worksheet HERE

Biological Control: INsects

Bring your weeds or pests into the Crook County Weed & Pest. We will do whatever we can to get them identified for you and advise you on the best method of treatment. Can’t bring them in right away? Put your plants in a plastic bag and refrigerate them so they do not wilt (do not leave on the dash of the pickup). Or insects in a safe portable storage. High quality photos can also be emailed if you are unable to bring in a fresh sample. Also look through our weed identification page!

  • The Crook County Weed and Pest will have biological control insects that you can use on your designated and declared noxious weeds.  Come in and ask about availability and other information.
  • Crook County Weed and Pest also offers a Leafy Spurge grazing cost-share through the Special Management Program for people who choose to herd goats for control of Leafy Spurge, stop in and ask any questions.

The Crook County Weed & Pest has cost share programs on various herbicides and rodenticides. This cost-share is available to landowners treating State Designated or County Declared weeds and pests.  We also will be doing special management spraying (Leafy spurge or Spotted Knapweed on private lands, come in today to sign up or ask questions. (First come first serve basis.)

  • A  crew from the Crook County Weed and Pest will come to your land with specialized equipment and expertise to treat your Leafy Spurge or Spotted Knapweed infestations. 
    • Leafy Spurge spraying is typically done from late May through August.
    • Spotted Knapweed spraying is typically done from July to September. 
  • Hourly rates are $35/Hour/Person (with 80% cost share, cost to landowner = $7/Hour/Person) including  truck and equipment. 
  • Sign Up fast because spraying will be done on a First Come First Served basis.